Hard Gnarled Clump Sponge (Xestospongia hispida)

Pender Island - Brooks Point. 60' deep, large clumps. ID to be confirmed.


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  • Doug on 2015-May-13 10:00:44 Doug said

    I've seen this same sponge down in Port Orford, southern Oregon, and Newport, central Oregon. I also ID'd it as Xestospongia hispida, but until now could not find a photo in guides or online that looked so similar to what I saw as this one does. I sought feedback from professional naturalists, who told me that, as best they can determine from the photos, it was indeed Xestospongia.
  • Derek Holzapfel on 2015-May-13 12:13:08 Derek Holzapfel said

    Thanks for the input Doug. I have been told that many sponges cannot be id'd without samples. Appreciate confirmation.

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